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Minggu, 27 November 2016

Rubiah Island, One of The Awesome Tourist Attraction in Aceh

Rubiah Island, tourist attractions in Aceh
Pulau Rubiah (Rubiah Island). Photo by @youthcampkpk_aceh

Rubiah island is in Sabang, exactly there in addition to the Northwest island of Weh. The name of Rubiah taken from one inscription on the headstone that exist on the island. Rubiah island known by the natural beauty of its bottom. At least 14 of the 15 sea life which are now protected in Indonesia. You can diving and snorkeling here, please you are swimming in unison a variety of tropical fish and enjoy the beauty of the colorful coral reefs.

rubiah Island underwater Park, tourist attraction in Aceh, Indonesia

To be able to enjoy its natural beauty, you don't have to have a diving license. Because on this island, there are plenty of dive spots that are safe to use for the activity of diving for beginners or divers who do not already have a license.

Awesome Tourist Attraction in Rubiah Island, Aceh Tourism

After doing activities diving, You can pamper your belly at the food stalls only found on this island. For the problem of facilities and accommodation, Rubiah Island indeed is still very minimal, because the island is still inhabited.

To reach Rubiah Island, you can through the route from Banda Aceh Towards Weh island by using ferries or speedboats. Time taken if using the ferry about 90 minutes, quick to ship only takes about 45 minutes. Arriving at Weh Island, you can proceed to Rubiah island by boat motor that takes about 20 minutes.

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